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Premier Arts Collective is an experiential nonprofit organization offering healing and therapy through the arts and music to serve the underprivileged and those affected by trauma and abuse.


To heal the world through the arts and music.









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In 1998, Gary Gentry and Roy Morgan, founders of Premier Productions, established the Premier Foundation to serve those in need around the world. As the charitable ministry of the world’s largest Christian events promotion company, the Foundation served other ministries through grants, mission trips and creative partnerships.

In 2014, the Premier Foundation and performance artist Jared Emerson offered their first art demonstration and instructional program during a K-LOVE Cruise mission excursion in Cozumel, Mexico. The goal was to inspire the orphans at Ciudad de Angeles Children’s Home through Emerson’s live art performance while encouraging the children to explore and develop their gifts through hands-on programming. Premier continued to develop programs catered toward the needs of organizations and communities already engaged with the Foundation. Live performance pieces were donated and displayed as inspiration for those we served.

With the representation of Emerson as well as Los Angeles-based artist Troy Murray (a.k.a. TYP), the art programs continued to grow, serving those in need of healing throughout the world. From those transformational art programs, Premier Arts Collective was born, impacting thousands of children and adults around the globe.

Premier Arts Collective continues to build on this foundation of creativity and service. Our inspiring programs strive to always integrate the needs of the community and learn from our program partners as to the best ways to help the healing process.

Cozumel, Mexico image

Cozumel, Mexico

Jared Emerson led the first Premier art program at Ciudad de Angeles Children’s Home with live painting performances and instruction.

Free Hill, Jamaica image

Free Hill, Jamaica

Emerson painted Jamaican track star Usain Bolt for the children of Free Hill Primary and Infant School, encouraging the children to engage and explore the arts.

Andhra Pradesh, India image

Andhra Pradesh, India

Emerson traveled to India with Set Free Alliance, offering multiple performances for children rescued from slavery and hard labor in India’s rock quarries.

Greenville, South Carolina image

Greenville, South Carolina

Emerson led hands-on instructional training for the children at the Phoenix Center, an organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of substance abuse, and donated the collaborative paintings to be used as a fundraiser for the organization.

Svay Pak, Cambodia image

Svay Pak, Cambodia

In conjunction with Agape International Missions (AIM), Premier developed a multi-day art class for 25 young girls, survivors of sex slavery. Troy Murray (a.k.a. TYP) led the three-day class with basic art instruction.

Havana, Cuba image

Havana, Cuba

In conjunction with Mount Zion Church-Clarkston, Premier implemented an instructional art program with TYP for 40 children and young adults in Havana.  TYP created additional live pieces at various churches throughout the country. The program provided much-needed art supply donations to a church in Havana where art supplies are scarce.

Amman, Jordan image

Amman, Jordan

Premier and TYP offered art performances for Iraqi and Syrian refugees who fled the horrors of ISIS. The art program ministered to those in need throughout various churches and nonprofit organizations in Jordan.

Detroit, Michigan image

Detroit, Michigan

Premier implemented a week-long art camp for children with guest artists at the K-LOVE Hope Center in an impoverished area of Detroit.

Svay Pak, Cambodia image

Svay Pak, Cambodia

A second three-day art program was offered for 35 young girls rescued from the horrors of trafficking, this time focusing on Jared Emerson’s “Face of God” portrait.

Nassau, The Bahamas image

Nassau, The Bahamas

During the K-LOVE Cruise and Jesus Freak Cruise, Jared Emerson offered his gifts through live performances at children’s homes, senior citizen facilities, and ministries serving the poor, donating the paintings to those organizations.

Svay Pak, Cambodia image

Svay Pak, Cambodia

TYP led a class for 50 girls with detailed art instruction. Troy left his mark at the AIM retail store where he painted two murals for the storefront, enhancing the artistic theme in the store’s tourist district.

San Salvador, El Salvador image

San Salvador, El Salvador

Premier began to develop a program with Nu-Day Academy of Voice and Music for the deeply impoverished children and young adults in San Salvador. New music equipment and instruments were provided for their praise and worship band and recording studio.

Cozumel, Mexico image

Cozumel, Mexico

Utilizing the hands of neighborhood children, Emerson created a mural of Albert Einstein on the exterior of Casa de la Creatividad, blending painted handprints of the children into a masterpiece.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands image

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Emerson painted for the young men at Bonaventure Boys Home, a facility for at-risk youth, encouraging them through his testimony.

Premier Foundation Legacy Projects

The Premier Foundation Legacy Projects are ongoing charitable endeavors, allowing the flexibility of future engagement for donors and volunteers with the projects and mission partners we have developed relationships with since 2009. As an international Christian nonprofit ministry committed to being a voice for the disadvantaged, the Premier Foundation Legacy Projects exist to love and serve the impoverished by meeting their physical, spiritual, educational, social and emotional needs; thus empowering them to be agents of change in their own communities. The Legacy Projects impact communities for life by bringing sustainable change and healing while having a positive effect for future generations.

Our Team

Pac Staff
Digital caricatures created by Alyson Record.

Gene Krcelic profile

Gene Krcelic


Gene joined the Premier Foundation in 2009 to develop the organization’s strategy for charitable endeavors, paving the way for the reimagined Premier Arts Collective. He came to Premier from OMG SportsEntertainmentMusic, a multifaceted sponsorship, music, sports and event management firm with offices in the Southeast and California. As founder and CEO of OMG, he created OMG Records and Recording Studio, later signing a deal with EMI-CMG (now Capital-CMG) for record distribution and publishing.

Gene also led the sports division, representing professional athletes. He negotiated contracts for clients and nonprofit programming with global brands including Coca-Cola, Nike, Reebok, Land Rover, BMW, Family Christian Bookstores, Chinese Olympic Federation, Black Entertainment Television and the Boys Choir of Harlem.

Gene is the author of the books "Loves Like a Hurricane" and the children’s book, “Go God Go.”

He has volunteered his time and resources extensively in disaster relief with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and the PDA National Response Team. He earned dual degrees from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and lives in Greer, South Carolina, with his wife, Mary, and is blessed with two accomplished daughters.

“I love paintings, sculpture, music, writing, dance, cooking…I love all forms of art. In everything, there is a flash where the physical meets the idea; that is the precise moment when genius is born. That is the precise moment when imagination crosses creation, resulting in Art." 

Rebekah Gregory profile

Rebekah Gregory

Vice President of Operations

Rebekah Gregory joined the Premier Arts Collective team in the summer of 2009. She came to us from Furman University where she served as director of the Paladin Club, the fundraising arm of the athletics department. Prior to Furman, Rebekah was an NCAA compliance officer at Michigan State University. She received her undergraduate degree in health & exercise science from Furman University and a graduate degree in sports management from the University of Tennessee.

In her current role at Premier Arts Collective, Rebekah is responsible for planning and implementing cruise mission excursions and mission trips, producing all fundraising auctions, maintaining relationships with Premier’s Legacy Projects and overseeing donor relations.    

Rebekah and her husband Jon have two children, Jackson & Laine. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, watching her children participate in sports, volunteering at her children’s school, traveling and reading. Rebekah is the least creative person she knows and is envious of anyone who can create something from nothing.  

Logan Rice profile

Logan Rice

Director of Events & Programs

Logan Rice joined the Premier Arts Collective Team in August of 2021 and serves as the marketing director. A graduate from the University of South Carolina, Logan has had the joy of bringing many events, programs, and dreams to life through a variety of outlets in his professional and personal life. 

Logan and his wife Rebekah are the blessed parents of their daughter, Selah. Logan also has the joy and privilege to be a licensed SC Foster Parent, so the number of kids in his mini-van may fluctuate from time to time. 

You may find Logan out and about Greenville with his family, drinking coffee, watching motorsports - or any combination of the three - in his spare time. Logan is blessed to have the opportunity to lead others in musical worship most Sunday mornings - singing and playing four, maybe five, chords on his guitar. 

1 Corinthians 2:1-5

Mariah Sloan profile

Mariah Sloan

Marketing Manager

Mariah Sloan began serving as Marketing Manager on the Premier Arts Collective team in September of 2022. She grew up in a ministry family traveling the world and leading musical worship in diverse church contexts. Through this experience, her passion for reaching people through the arts ignited. Mariah earned a dual degree in Contemporary Worship Arts and Leadership and Studio Art: Graphic Art from North Greenville University in Tigerville, South Carolina. In 2020, she received a Master of Arts in Theology and Ministry degree with emphasis in Worship, Theology, and the Arts from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.

Mariah’s greatest joys are to see lives transformed through the arts and to inspire artists to thrive within their creative callings. She believes that the arts are the most vibrant and powerful way of sharing important concepts and ideas in our lives. Within her role at PAC, it is Mariah’s mission to tell the stories of transformation and healing that unfold within PAC programs and initiatives.

In her free time, you will catch Mariah “painting” on her tablet, singing and strumming her guitar, or enjoying a great cup of coffee and life-giving conversation with a friend.

Art Collective

Jared Emerson profile

Jared Emerson

Performance Artist

Jared Emerson is world renown for his captivating performance art and studio originals.  His art has raised millions of dollars for charities and ministries around the world.  Jared's work with Premier Arts Collective allows him to use his gifts by engaging in interactive art classes and performances across the globe; using his art for healing, therapy and restoration for those who have experienced trauma and abuse.

Born in Michigan and now residing in Greenville, South Carolina, Jared’s personal mission has led him to perform and create art, in a vast array of media, for a large number of collectors, corporations, churches and charities, with his performance piece “Face of God” being the most requested.  

Jared’s credits include: ReviveUs 2 with Kirk Cameron, Winter Jam concert tour, TEDx, K-LOVE, CBS Sports, Game Plan for Life, The 700 Club, Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, NASCAR, Museum of the Bible, Coca-Cola, Michelin, Land Rover, Pittsburgh Steelers, Detroit Pistons, Family Christian Stores and countless others. 

Jared’s success has made his artwork sought after by many celebrities and sports figures.  His clients include: Carrie Underwood, Carson Wentz, Jack Nicklaus, Guy Fieri, Joe Gibbs, Willie Mays, Albert Pujols, Jimmy John, Forrest Lucas, Smokey Robinson and Joe Greene, to name a few.

For booking information, contact gene@premierartscollective.com 

Troy Murray profile

Troy Murray

Visual Artist

Troy Murray, a.k.a. TYP, is a multidisciplinary artist, originally from Detroit and now based in Los Angeles. He works in a variety of mediums, typically blending painting with fabrication and 3-dimensional elements. He specializes in what he calls "alternative canvas,” where he uses 3-dimensional objects to create his substrate and paints subjects that correlate with them in order to bring a story to life in a unique way. His creativity and artwork has earned him significant acclaim and attention from art buyers around the world.

Troy is always expanding his talents by hosting compelling art shows and engaging in cutting-edge collaborations.  His iconic work is featured by clients such as Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, The House of Athlete, Cincinnati Bengals and Cincinnati Reds.

Beyond expressing his creativity, Troy uses art as a charitable platform and a way to make an impact in the world, whether it’s through teaching art to children in countries across the globe, or inspiring others with his personal testimony of how art aided in his recovery from drug addiction.  

Troy continues to be instrumental with inspiring the direction of Premier Arts Collective from art-related mission trips to Cambodia, Jordan and Cuba.

Anita Yeh Norrie  profile

Anita Yeh Norrie

Art Therapist

Anita Yeh Norrie (MA-Art Therapy) is passionate about creating change and improving lives through the transformative power of creating art. A life-long believer in the therapeutic and cathartic power of art, she built her career around developing programs and relationships that encourage expression, and self-realization through creativity.  

While an art and design business owner, she was the vehicle of expression for her client’s vision. As an art therapist, she has created therapeutic art programs for kids, for mental health programs and non-profits, launched and operated an open art studio for a community arts center, and led hundreds of people to live a better life through their own discovery of creativity and artistic self-expression.

Anita’s current work of art is Art Power!, the non-profit she founded in 2017 where she and her team are working to change the lives of underserved kids in Cozumel, Mexico, through their therapeutic, choice-based art studio.”

When not in the art studio, you can usually find Anita contemplating her next project while exploring tasty food stands and out-of-the-way eateries, wherever she may be. 

Courtney Chandler profile

Courtney Chandler

Art Therapist

Courtney Chandler is a registered art therapist, licensed professional counselor associate, trauma-conscious yoga teacher, and founder of HeARTS for Hope Therapy in Greenville, SC. She has a decade of experience offering expressive art therapy groups in mental health facilities, schools, detention facilities, and substance use treatment centers across the country. She loves supporting adults and teens as they navigate challenges of trauma and grief, using an integrative combination of art therapy, somatic psychotherapy, and EMDR. Motivated by the belief that everyone is innately creative and art is an expression of self-love and divine connection, she uses a holistic mind-body approach in her therapeutic practice, and feels honored to hold space for hope and healing.

Alison Hughey profile

Alison Hughey

Music Therapist

Alison Hughey's greatest passion is guiding clients in connection, comfort and communication through music. Since studying music therapy at Converse University and earning her board certification in 2010, she has served clients from 18 months of age up to 103 years old and contributed to research in community mental health and dementia care. Alison wears multiple "music hats” as a worship leader, band member, and music & wellness workshop facilitator. 

Keisha Oliver profile

Keisha Oliver

Department Head, Visual Arts & Design, University of The Bahamas

Keisha Oliver is a social artist, community facilitator, and academic whose cross-disciplinary practice explores themes of identity, social equity and cultural heritage within the African diaspora.

She joined the University of The Bahamas in 2013 where she now works as an Assistant Professor and Head of the Visual Arts and Design Department. She is the principal of KOliver Design, a design and branding studio, and co-founder of Summer Arts Immersion, an intensive creative program for high school students. Keisha holds degrees in Graphic Design from the University for the Creative Arts and the University of The Arts London. She also contributes as an arts writer, photographer, and independent curator with creative and non-profit organizations invested in advancing Caribbean visual culture.

Samuel Monterrosa profile

Samuel Monterrosa

Vocal Coach and Head of Nu-Day Academy

Samuel Monterrosa is the Director of Nu-Day Academy in San Salvador, El Salvador. He has been mentoring, coaching and advising students in music education for over 15 years. He is often asked how music helps. Samuel believes that for many children, music is opportunity. Music is the way out of a life of poverty and brokenness. Nu-Day Academy provides opportunities for youth to build their self-esteem through music.

Born and raised in San Salvador, Samuel believes all lasting achievement is rooted in developing good character and maturity through the daily exercise of personal responsibility. Samuel’s guidance at Nu-Day Academy has built an environment focusing on character skills.

Under Samuel’s leadership, Nu-Day Community Choir was formed. The choir has become a favorite to the entire country, performing on every national television station, at concerts and for the Salvadorian government. Samuel is also the baritone pillar in the youth band known throughout Latin America as One Love El Salvador.


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