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5 Questions with Alexis Krcelic - Director of Events & Programs


After three years at Premier Arts Collective, Alexis Krcelic will be stepping into her next chapter of life and pursuing her life-long dream of opening a bakery (basta. bakery) in September. …

Premier Arts Collective 2021 Annual Impact Report


We are so excited to share our 2021 Annual Impact Report with you. This electronic PDF, available for download, will highlight how God has used faithful giving to impact the lives of so many around the world. 2021 was a monumental year for us especially, as we refined our purpose and began operating as Premier Arts Collective in September.To our donors, sponsors, community supporters, volunteers and ministry partners, we say, THANK YOU! Your blessings are immense and we are grateful for your prayers and support. We look forward to a bright and colorful future.Check out our 2021 Annual Impact Report!

Premier Arts Collective and Triune Mercy Center Launch Art and Music Therapy Programs


Premier Arts Collective (PAC) and Triune Mercy Center (TMC) are pleased to announce a new partnership, providing art and music therapy programs for those Triune serves in Greenville, SC. “I have always had a heart for Triune Mercy Center,” says Gene Krcelic, President of PAC.  “I have experienced firsthand the incredible work they do serving our homeless community.  Triune has been, and continues to be, a beacon of hope here in the heart of Greenville and we are thrilled to partner with them by using the arts as another vehicle for healing and restoration."The programs will be led by PAC therapists Alison Hughey (music) and Courtney Chandler (art). Closed-group art and music therapy sessions will run for 12 weeks, serving those experiencing homelessness.“We are absolutely thrilled that Premier Arts Collective approached us about a possible partnership that is now coming to fruition,” says Jennifer Fouse Sheorn, Pastor and Director of Triune Mercy Center.…

5 Questions with Gene Krcelic - President of Premier Arts Collective


Who is a leader you look up to/aim to model in your leadership at Premier Arts Collective (PAC)?The first leader who comes to mind is Jesus Christ.  I know that may sound like an “easy out” to the question, but His care and love for humanity sets the highest standard for how we should lead.  I also look to people like Don Brewster, founder of Agape International Missions.  Here is a man who essentially left his safe and comfortable life in the United States and moved with his wife, Bridget, to a small village in Cambodia to fight and put an end to child sex trafficking in that country.  That move was an incredibly selfless act.  They have rescued and saved thousands of children from slavery.  Their ministry has grown to the point where they have gained worldwide attention and are universally respected as leaders in their field.    When did it ‘click’ for you that PAC is where you want to be?I wouldn’t say it is where I want to be.…

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