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5 Questions with Gene Krcelic - President of Premier Arts Collective


Who is a leader you look up to/aim to model in your leadership at Premier Arts Collective (PAC)?The first leader who comes to mind is Jesus Christ.  I know that may sound like an “easy out”…

Premier Arts Collective and Julie Valentine Center Launch Art and Music Therapy Programs


Premier Arts Collective (PAC) and Julie Valentine Center (JVC) have partnered to offer art and music therapy programs to 50+ JVC clients in 2022.Premier Arts Collective therapists Alison Hughey (music) and Courtney Chandler (art) will lead four, eight-week programs in 2022 with the mission to provide a healthy means of processing life’s circumstances for Julie Valentine Center clients.“These services allow clients to experience healing in ways that we have not been able to offer in the past,” says Jamika Nedwards, Crisis Program Director at Julie Valentine Center. “We are very grateful for the partnership with PAC. Without them, clients would not have access to creative therapies like art and music.”The programs will take place at Julie Valentine Center throughout the course of the year, providing an opportunity for more JVC clients to participate, grow, and heal in their journey.“Art and music therapy helps children and adults process through trauma and difficult life…

Artist Nick Burns Named Recipient of PAC-Sponsored Brandon Fellowship Alumni Studio at GCCA


Premier Arts Collective and the Greenville Center for Creative Arts (GCCA) have teamed up to award one alumni of the prestigious Brandon Fellowship a free artist studio through August 2024. Nick Burns, artist name “Ninja Picasso,” was awarded the new Premier Arts Collective studio, located in a high-profile, renovated open studio space at GCCA. “One of our chief goals at PAC is to provide opportunities for artists to create as a means of healing, therapy, and growth as an individual and artist. This partnership with GCCA allows us to do that in an impactful way within an exceptional space,” says Gene Krcelic, President of PAC. “Nick is not only an excellent artist but an even better person. We know he will use this studio space for his own development as an artist and do an incredible job impacting others as they use art as a vehicle for personal and communal impact.”Nick will act as a mentor to the current members of the Brandon Fellowship, guiding them in honing…

Premier Arts Collective Announces New Brand


The non-profit organization, Premier Foundation, announced it has re-branded and will now be known as Premier Arts Collective.The new mission focuses on creating and implementing experiential programs that offer healing and therapy through the arts and music to serve the underprivileged and those affected by trauma and abuse.“After years of developing and supporting a variety of charitable projects around the world, it became clear that our organizational purpose was being refined,” says Gene Krcelic, President of Premier Arts Collective.  “Whether it was in Cambodia, Cuba, Jordan, The Bahamas and even here in the U.S., almost every project contained an element of therapeutic art or music.”“While working with artists Jared Emerson and Troy Murray, we have seen, first-hand, how powerful and transformative the process of creating art can be,” Krcelic adds.  “Whether it is a veteran struggling with PTSD, a child living in a third-world orphanage, a young girl who…

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