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Why Art is Important

Why Art is Important

When people experience trauma in their lives, the process of healing and recovery can be complicated. Often, the pain from the memories and scars is too difficult to be spoken or even written. Self-expression through the arts and music helps to heal wounds and pave paths for recovery unlike anything else. It allows children and adults to be themselves, free of judgment and fear.

Studies have shown that creating art decreases levels of anxiety, lowers blood pressure and increases feelings of security and well-being. It heightens the feelings of love and happiness. The process of collaborating on artistic projects with other people helps develop awareness and increases compassion, resulting in a deep sense of community and empowerment.

Additionally, long-term benefits of expression through the arts and music help create a more positive self-image by developing confidence and curiosity, which are the keys to progress and success in the world.

Stories of Transformation

Art is not stand-alone. It is thought out, made and created by an artist. Come meet those who have been transformed and saved through the arts.

Troy Murray (a.k.a. TYP)

Troy Murray was introduced to Premier in 2016. As a young aspiring artist, he found a deep connection with the organization, as well as with PAC artist Jared Emerson. As the relationship grew, Troy was open and honest about his prior struggles with alcohol and drug addiction.He started drinking…

Marielos (Nu-Day Academy)

Marielos’ life is completely transformed because of music. Growing up in El Salvador surrounded by violence and enduring immense trauma, music created a release and allowed her to take back her life. Take a look at how Nu-Day Academy saved Marielos. 

Casa de la Creatividad

In 2018, Premier Arts Collective began a relationship with Casa de la Creatividad, located in Cozumel, Mexico. Casa de la Creatividad (“House of Creativity”) is a choice-based art studio that offers open art exploration time to local, underserved children as well as a metal studio and drumming…


Travel with us around the globe as we seek to offer healing and therapy through the arts and music to serve the underprivileged and those affected by trauma and abuse.

Nassau, The Bahamas


In early 2021, Premier Arts Collective hosted a three-month creative enrichment arts program at Elizabeth Estates Children’s Home. Elizabeth Estates Children’s Home is for boys and girls that have been abused, neglected or abandoned. On average, it houses 20–25 children between the ages of…

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Cozumel, Mexico


Premier Arts Collective is thrilled to be making an impact alongside Casa de la Creatividad in Cozumel, Mexico. By providing monthly financial support, as well as art supplies, Premier Arts Collective has enabled Casa de la Creatividad to continue their free art program for hundreds of children in…

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Greenville, SC


In 2020, Premier Arts Collective implemented its first art program with Fellow Countrymen, serving homeless veterans and those transitioning to civilian life. The classes are designed to build self-confidence and self-awareness while being a catalyst for healing through the use of art, allowing…

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San Salvador, El Salvador


Premier Arts Collective is serving Nu-Day Academy of Voice and Music for the deeply impoverished children and young adults in San Salvador, El Salvador. PAC has provided musical instruments, recording and performance gear to maximize the quality and overall music experience for the school’s…

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Premier Arts Collective is currently developing a free program for the 75–100 girls who have been rescued from sex slavery and reside at AIM’s Agape Restoration Home in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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