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India - One of the many ways Set Free Alliance (SFA) accomplishes their mission of providing healing freedom in Christ is through the rescuing of children from labor trafficking in India. Once rescued, if children cannot be reunited with their families, they are given holistic care at Set Free's campus in India. Premier Arts Collective and Set Free Alliance have partnered to provide 480 students art therapy as a part of their healing journey.

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Officially starting on August 22, 2022, students will receive art therapy as a part of their holistic healing process at Set Free Alliance's India campus. Art therapy will play a vital role in their recovery journey and empower children with a voice, propelling them to grow into the dream of who they will become. PAC Art Therapist Anita Yeh Norrie developed the art therapy curriculum, which has since been translated for the instructors on-site in India. We are blessed to partner with Set Free Alliance to further the mission of healing for those affected by trauma and abuse.

For more information about Set Free Alliance, visit setfreealliance.org or check them out on Facebook & Instagram. 

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